Frequently Asked Questions - ATI World


Q.) Should we bring travelers checks, use credit cards, and how much cash do we need?

A.) Travelers checks today are outdated, and in many countries hard to cash.  Credit cards
                are accepted in most parts of the world, with a few exceptions such as Myanmar.
                Cash is of course always accepted.

Q.) What credit cards are accepted, and what about Foreign Bank fees associated with use of
                credit cards?

A.) most credit cards, when used overseas, incur a foreign bank fee, most common is 3%.
                That is eliminated by using the right credit card.  As an example, American Express Platinum,
                Chase Bank Explorer cards, Citibank Mastercard - Executive, just to name a few, do not charge  such fees.  You need to consult with your bank card provider, and perhaps even apply for           like.

Q.) What about credit card use at ATMs in foreign countries?

A.) Make sure you get a Pin number from Card Services, as otherwise you cannot withdraw cash.

Q.) Is it better to buy foreign exchange or use ATM’s?

A.) It is a matter of comfort.  ATM’s gives you the most current exchange rate of the day!  
                Your local bank, or credit card, may have fees associated with cash withdrawals. Check with your
                card services, before you travel. Further, advise them you will be in specific countries so they
                do not block your account for potential fraudulent use.

Q.) How Much cash should we carry?

A.) That is very individual and only you know how you tend to spend your cash on tipping, souvenirs,
                the odd purchase in smaller establishments which to not accept credit cards and so on.

Q.) Tipping?

A.) Many countries, as in Scandinavia, 15% tips are included. That being said, people tend to round up
                just a small extra cash amount.  In countries where service is not included, tips range from
                10% to 20%, as remember that is part of the salary paid to the individual supplying the service.
                In Scandinavia, tips are included even in taxi fares! 
                In all cases, it is up to the traveler whether a good experience is worth a little extra: or, not!

Q.) is I the same level of tipping in all countries?

A.) No definitely not!  Some places in Asia, Latin America, Africa, even 10% is HIGH.

Q.) Gratuities for guides and drivers?

A.) It is common to give guides double of what the driver is given. A 10 to 20 dollar tip per person for
                a guide who was really good is adequate. A driver could be considered at half that.
                In the end, was the experience worth it? Was the interaction satisfactory?

Q.) Clothing and footwear should we bring?

A.) that is also an individual decision.  However, in European communities, the term “Nice casual”
                applies. Particularly when visiting good restaurants.  In Asian Temples, no shorts nor bare
                shoulders.  ALWAYS ask your guide, or concierge if you are in doubt.
                when walking a lot you want to have good common sense walking shoes. In restaurants at night
                nice shoes are in order. Terrain and climate will always dictate. Is it expected to be wet, or dusty
                dry, then that will dictate. 
                some places like Bergen Norway even in summer, can experience rain, with otherwise good
                temperatures. A light Rain jacket is advisable, and thins sweaters that can be layered are good.
                This would not apply in Southeast Asia nor Africa of course.

Q.) Do we carry medicine?

A.) Always make sure you have what you need, your medical prescriptions are filled, and carry in hand
                luggage, in case a suitcase is lost, or delayed.  You may need doctor’s proof of reason needed.

Any further questions, feel free to contact us.